Own Your Beauty

Artful Portraits for Extraordinary Women


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Imagine . . . really owning it

Authentic, artistic portraits that:

Express the essence of you, inspired

Celebrate an accomplishment, milestone, or time of life

Offer a very special gift and keepsake to your loved ones

Invite you into being your best, most confident self

Forever change the way you see yourself 




Notes from My Clients

You made a photo shoot such an inviting and open experience to play and feel alive. Kudos to your talent and heart.  


It was all about ME and I was feeling GREAT. 


You are very affirming. There is no way to be wrong around you. That brings out the best side in people. Allows people to be who they truly are and capture that.


You want to create something new and I feel I was exploring myself as part of the experience.


There is something about how you incorporate that life coaching stuff that made it more than just a photo shoot, it was a very life-enhancing experience. It didn’t just feel as though you were flattering me, which doesn’t feel good to me at all, it felt like real support and appreciation. (And now I’m crying.)


Dan! I love these! Wow! It’s impossible to say what I love the most. But damn, there are so many gems.  


Working with Dan was exciting and fun. I’ve never before been taken through such a thoughtful and generous process. Dan’s intention was to bring out my inner beauty by focusing on a few key words to capture my true essence. He absolutely succeeded from start to finish. I couldn’t be happier with the whole experience. 


Dan is a very talented photographer who is super creative in bringing out aspects of your personality you want to let shine. 


You show me parts of myself I didn’t know. 

Are you ready for your next adventure?


In our creative consultations together we will dream up a one-of-a-kind visual concept for your portraits — employing wardrobe, lighting, background, color, styling — that  expresses you in all your uniqueness. How you’ve always dreamed you could be seen. 


Everyone gets nervous in front of the camera — and then we get fake, frozen, or vacant. So we’ll get you connected to yourself in new ways, derailing  your inner critics, and expanding your ability to express and enjoy yourself. The result is authentic engagement in your portraits.


Along the way we’ll uncover the unique, beautiful essence of you — on the inside and on the outside. You will be surprised and delighted by what you discover about yourself. In fact you may fall in love with yourself in brand new ways.


Every woman was meant be free to explore, enjoy and express her own unique beauty without feeling pressure from inner critics, marketing campaigns or societal judgements.

I help extraordinary but under-celebrated women express their inner badassity* in artful portraits, so they truly own their authentic beauty. 

With over 20 years of experience in both photographing and coaching unique, unconventional individuals, I hold a playful, brave space for you to explore, express and celebrate yourself.


*badassity [ bad-as-i-ty ] Slang:  So exceptional as to be intimidating.

You’re an original. Celebrate the uniqueness of you.

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