Own Your Beauty Portrait Session

Don’t have pictures of yourself you truly love? Are there parts of you that have gone unexpressed for too long? Wanting to celebrate a milestone or accomplishment?  
For little more than the price of a conventional business headshot, you can own a breath-taking wall art-size stylized portrait of yourself at your most radiant. Not just a pretty picture on your wall, a portrait session can be an adventure of self-discovery and self-expression. You just may fall in love . . . with you.
How have you dreamed of being seen? First we’ll choose an artistic style that capture the you that is longing to be expressed. Imagine a beautiful image shot with the glamor of a Cosmo cover. Or in the dreamy, impressionistic stye of a Degas ballerina. Perhaps you prefer the soulful mystery of a Rembrandt painting or the stark edginess of a film noir movie. Once we’ve settled on a stye, we’ll talk color, wardrobe and makeup to compete the picture.
Almost everyone gets self-conscious in front of the camera. And so we hide behind masks of self-protection (the frozen smile, the blank look). And the resulting photos look, well, lame. They lack authentic engagement. That’s why my process includes presence coaching. We’ll get you connected to yourself and confident in new ways (that feel great!) before you ever set foot in the studio. 
Then when you arrive for your photo session I’ll coach you and provide gentle direction. We’ll get you out of your head and into your heart and body. I like to think of the studio as a playground and a celebration of you. It’s my job to create a supportive, playful space for you to express yourself and to capture beautiful images. Your only job is to simply show up and be yourself. My clients continually report they are surprised and delighted how much fun and freedom they experience in our time together. (Which results in beautiful photographs!)
A week or so after the shoot in our in-person reveal session you will:
  • See yourself in beautiful photographic images and discover a more radiant you. You’ll literally see yourself differently!
  • Complete our presence coaching and take the new confidence you’ve acquired with you out into your life. It’s all about owning it!
  • Select your favorite, signature image for your wall print.
Portraits were meant to be displayed on a wall, not tucked away and forgotten on a Facebook wall long past. Your Own Your Beauty Artistic Portrait session includes a beautiful wall art-size matted print, hand printed by myself on a professional grade giclee printer and ready for framing. A low-res digital file suitable for sharing on social media is always included.
Imagine seeing a radiant image of yourself hanging on your wall, daily reminding you that you are beautiful. You are special. You are loved.


Your Own Your Beauty 
 Portrait Session includes

Creative consultation to select an artistic styling that truly expresses how you want to be seen
A presence coaching session to help you step into new confidence in front of the camera
Forty-five minute photo shoot with coaching
In-person reveal session to celebrate your images and select your signature image for printing
One 11×17 matted print ready for framing*

Two 7×10 matted prints of the same image 

Digital file for sharing on social media


Your Investment: $550

*Other print sizes and prints of additional images are also available.





Your Own Your Beauty Portrait and Folio Collection 

Completely individualized portrait concept that includes wardrobe, hair, styling, lighting, colors, retouching and post-processing to achieve a portrait like no other
Additional presence coaching for authentic confidence

Two hour photo shoot with multiple setups


Professional hair and makeup artist included 
16 x 20 wall art portrait*
Hand-made Own Your Beauty wooden keepsake box with six to twenty separate 7×10″ matted images*

Starting at $975

*Other print sizes and prints of additional images are also available.